How are my cards displayed in the Gantt chart?

When you switch to the Gantt chart in Kanbanchi you will see a left-side panel with the list of your cards. The panel is customisable. You may select to display the following information:

  • Card description
  • Priority
  • Progress
  • List
  • Tags
  • Estimate
  • Spent time
  • Assignees

Click the gear wheel icon to see the list of options. Check the ones that you would like to be displayed.

You may collapse the panel completely by clicking

In case you don’t want cards without dates to be displayed, please, check the Hide cards without dates option.

Kanbanchi gantt chart

Cards in the panel are shown in groups – an epic card has a list of its subcards below. You may collapse or expand the groups by clicking the crown icon next to the epic card.

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