How can I manage my subscription in the application?

You may manage your subscription right in the application. You may control your subscription status (the number of allocated and available seats and the expiration date) in Kanbanchi.

Click your profile picture or company logo in the upper right corner. Click Manage subscription in the pop-up menu.



You see the information about the plan and type of billing you’ve chosen, the number of available and used seats and the expiration date of the subscription.


Click the Plus button to add your team members. Use format in the search field to find the users. You can add them one by one.

Then you will see the button 

You can also add your team members by a list of users.

If you would like to manage Kanbanchi subscription but you don’t need the application for yourself, you may delete your email from the list of users by clicking the trash bin icon.

You may transfer your seat to someone else from the team by clicking the pencil icon.

After you have distributed seats, your subscription is set up. It will activate immediately or on the day it has been scheduled to. 

How to add seats to the subscription?

If you would like to add seats to the subscription click Manage Subscription. The Customer Portal is opened.

Click on the subscription information (e.g. Professional monthly x 6).

Click Edit Subscription.


You see the number of seats there are now in the subscription.

Click the button to change the number of seats.

Please, note, if the number is more than 10 you may put it down manually.

Click Update Subscription.

You may reduce the number of seats in the same way.


Please, note: if your subscription has been created by Kanbanchi team, you should add billing details and payment method to the account first.

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