How can Kanbanchi be controlled by Google Workspace administrator?

Install Kanbanchi for your domain for company-wide usage or control usage by organizational units via the Google Workspace admin panel.

Google Workspace administrator can manage Marketplace apps for the domain. Kanbanchi may be installed so that everyone in a company domain could see it in the list of available apps. It will save time discovering it and allow everyone to work in the same system. Another benefit of the domain-wide deployment is fast and smooth onboarding. All that’s needed to log in and start working is a corporate Google account.

In some cases, Google Workspace admin might want to enable Kanbanchi for just some organizational units, sub-units, or groups. It may be done in the admin panel in the same way as enabling/disabling other Google apps.

What else can administrators do with Kanbanchi on a company-wide level?
  • Transfer ownership of Kanbanchi boards
  • Search for boards in users’ Drives
  • Find boards via Google Vault
  • Install Kanbanchi for Gmail add-on for everyone or some organizational units
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