How do I add my board address to contacts list?

The structure of Kanbanchi board email address is a bit different from a usual one, due to security and uniqueness reasons. To be able to save it as a contact in Google Mail and any other email client, please, do the following:

– Add the first part as a contact name
– Add as an email address

It shouldn’t be any problem, as you can still star such contact and find it in the search field by typing the name of your board.

Example: board address is Kanbanchi-board_nu/0pcoDTGGEZDmZ5mPYLPR75mLEVQf0N1jRhwgKdgim9DcztBtXNT4zmg5MPp1K <>
First part: Kanbanchi-board_nu/0pcoDTGGEZDmZ5mPYLPR75mLEVQf0N1jRhwgKdgim9DcztBtXNT4zmg5MPp1K
The first part always starts with the name of your board.

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