How do I make sure my colleagues get notifications about all important actions?

Being informed is vital when collaborating with a team. That’s why you don’t want your colleagues to miss important notifications about the changes on your shared boards. The good news is that Kanbanchi won’t let it happen.

First of all, when you share a board with someone and they open it, their notifications settings change to the default ones. Default notifications will be more than enough for most cases. Your colleagues will be notified:

  • When you assign something to them
  • If they are mentioned in any comment
  • When a card they’ve created has any change
  • When a card they commented has any change
  • When a card they are assigned to has any change
  • When a card that has a mention with their name has any change

However, there are cases when their notifications may be turned off:

  • They have done it accidentally
  • You have an old board created before the changes of notifications settings

That’s when you need additional notifications! You may notify your colleagues right after an important action that you have done or later when discovering that someone missed their notifications.

Notifying people after you make an action

After you make an action you will see a lightning sign on top of your card. Clicking on it will show you who has already been notified and also will give you an option to notify other people that you share this board with.


Sending additional notifications from the activity tab

Open the activity tab of any card and find the same lightning sign on top of all actions. You may check any important action and make sure that your colleagues will definitely get this notification.


Important note: Additional notifications will be sent only in case you and a person you are notifying have the same domain in Google Workspace. It is made deliberately to avoid unwanted notifications, spam, and scam.

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