How does Kanbanchi integrate with Google Drive?

Kanbanchi has a very tight connection with Google Drive. The app exists as part of your Google Drive. It works inside your Google Drive allowing quick access to work boards, secure file storage, and easy assets management.

These are the main points that you need to know to understand the relations between Kanbanchi and Google Drive.

  • When you sign up to Kanbanchi, a folder named ‘Kanbanchi’ appears in the My Drive section of your Google Drive. The app will work inside this folder.
  • When you create a board inside the Kanbanchi application, a new sub folder for this board is created.
  • Kanbanchi boards act like files inside your Google Drive and follow the same sharing rules: you may share them from your Google Drive.
  • When you create a backup of your Kanbanchi board it is placed to your Google Drive to the appropriate folder.
  • When you export data from Kanbanchi it is also placed to your Google Drive in a form of a spreadsheet.
  • Kanbanchi boards owner may be changed according to your Google Drive rules.
  • All listed above works the same for Shared Drives because they are part of your Google Drive.

Watch our short 2-minute video to learn the details of Kanbanchi and Google Drive connection.

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