How does Kanbanchi integrate with Google Vault?

Kanbanchi boards and backup files may be found from Vault. They follow the same rules as any other file in Google Drive.

In general, Kanbanchi boards act like files in Google Drive and therefore can be discovered via Vault and fall upon the rules set up there with minor exceptions.

1. Retention rules and Kanbanchi boards

Kanbanchi boards follow the retention rules set up for My Drive or Shared Drives depending on where they are stored. Kanbanchi boards will be deleted according to such rules. If you don’t want them to be deleted, you will need to apply Google Drive retention rules.

2. Matters and Holds and Kanbanchi boards

Kanbanchi boards can be discovered in any hold that includes files in My Drive or Shared Drive where this board is stored. Here’s the exception: there won’t be a preview available. Also, you can’t download a board.

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