How to back up my dashboard?

With Dashboard backups feature, dashboard owners who want to be on the safe side can back up their most important dashboards for easy recovery. 

Creating a backup

To back up a dashboard, first open the Dashboard Details for the desired board. To do that, click on the board’s name at the top of the screen or on its tab at the bottom of the screen. In popover window on the right, click on Backups section. When you choose an option Create a new backup, a new line will appear on the list of available backups with the name of the dashboard, date and time of the backup. The backup file will be saved in backups folder of the dashboard in your Google Drive.

Kanbanchi Dashboards Backup

Restoring your dashboard from a backup

To restore your dashboard from a backup, select any backup on the list and click Restore when you mouse over it.

Restoring dashboard from the backup

Video demonstration

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