How to use List View?

List View is an easy way to see all cards in a scrollable list in the natural order. Switch to the List View by clicking the drop-down list on the top panel near the board name.

You see the list of your cards.

Columns determine card properties. Apart from card title, description and its overall progress you may see the following columns: Tags, Priority, List name, Start Date/Due date, Estimate/Spent time; and the column with card details:  Related cards, Checklists, Attachments, Comments, Assigned to. All columns are visible by default.

However, you may customise your List View by showing/hiding the columns. If you would like to hide any property, click the Gear Wheel icon in the top right corner and check/uncheck the elements.

Please, note: this setting is saved while switching between Kanbanchi views.

Also, the compact view is available to save space on your screen.

Moreover, you may edit cards right in the List View.

Epic cards are marked with the crown icon in List View, just like in Kanban View or Gantt chart.

Sorting by properties is available in the List View as well.

You may sort by card title, overall progress, tags, priority, list name, start date/due date, related cards, attachments, comments, assigned to. There is no opportunity to sort by card description.

Please note, turned on filter effects sorting. Filter configurations take precedence over sorting.

To sort the column click on the property. The first click initiates sorting in descending order. 

The second click initiates sorting in ascending order.

The third click turns sorting off.

Sorting can be enabled only in one column at once.

Please, note: sorting settings don’t save when you switch to another view or leave the page.

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