Is There a Google Workspace Kanban Board?

The Google Workspace suite of tools doesn’t have a Kanban board built into it.  In fact, there is no type of project management tool like this included as part of Google’s suite. Yet, search figures suggest that a lot of people look for a Google Workspace Kanban board to use on their projects and daily workflow.

Google Workspace has no Kanban Board

The lack of a Kanban board in Workspace means that teams often use manual workarounds to add the Kanban methodology to their workflow without having to stop using Workspace for the rest of their day. However, this can make the workflow process more complex and lead to additional stages or tasks that make you lose time instead of gaining it. 

Solution for Google Workspace Users

Kanbanchi is a solution that provides a fully-function Kanban board and also connects seamlessly to Workspace. This tool is on the Google Cloud Platform and can be used in Google Drive. What this means is that it can be used smoothly with the apps in the Google suite and could be considered as the closest to a Google Workspace Kanban that exists. 

Moreover, you can use your normal Google account and password to enter Kanbanchi. You can create or move Kanban cards, as needed. This removes the need to create new passwords or sign in and out of different applications during the day.

Teams all over the planet already use Kanbanchi to collaborate and improve their productivity. They take advantage of all the features included in Workspace. All of the team’s tasks are inside Google Drive, making it a safe and secure app. Tasks are in one place and you can check them at any time.

Give Kanbanchi a try using a free trial. Find out how the Google Workspace Kanban board on it makes life easier for your team. 

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