Kanbanchi free tier deprecation

We are deprecating Kanbanchi free tier on 15 October 2019. 

Kanbanchi used to be free for personal use. Everyone who used a personal account (e.g. name@gmail.com) to sign in Kanbanchi was granted with free access to Kanbanchi core functionality. However, we have decided to discontinue the free tier for personal use. 

Everything will stay the same for the users who signed in before 15 October 2019. They will still be able to use Kanbanchi free version. What’s included in the free version: core kanban functionality – boards & cards, search & filter, real-time changes, email & in-app notifications, comments, activity feed, Google Drive attachments, pushing dates to Google Calendar, export to CSV (only card title and description), board background. There’s no support, but users can consult our FAQ page.

Moreover, we are willing to accept newcomers and that’s why we suggest you to invite your friends to use Kanbanchi limited version for free. Just share your boards with friends’ personal emails and they will be notified by email. They should log into the app to become Kanbanchi free version users. Let your friends know about this opportunity by sharing this article with them. They should hurry up to take advantage of this opportunity before 15 October 2019. 

Contact us to find out what domains are regarded as personal in Kanbanchi. Feel free to share your opinion or ask questions.

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