How do you manage office workflows?

Office work can be chaotic and frustrating. You sort through piles of paperwork that seem to never end. But you can easily manage office workflows. Here are the ways on how to make your office productivity grow:

  1. Encourage your office workers to take breaks;
  2. Communicate tasks easily and clearly;
  3. Get organized;
  4. Get rid of stress;
  5. Set up training sessions;
  6. Remove multitasking;
  7. Use collaboration tools.

1. Encourage your office workers to take breaks

If you provide breaks for employees and encourage them to take advantage of these breaks, they can let themselves forget about their working routine for short periods of time and clear their minds. They’ll be more ready to concentrate and accomplish work faster when the break is over.

2. Communicate tasks easily and clearly

Any business needs communication to run smoothly. It is critical for everyone in the company to understand the rules and processes. It is easy to think others are doing tasks or working on a project when in reality nobody has touched the project. Communication is crucial to ensure all tasks are accomplished and all work is completed.

3. Get organized

A less stressful environment and time wasted are required to be organized. It sounds like an overwhelming undertaking to get organized, but working on it each day, you will be amazed at how easy it becomes. Time Tracking tools like in Kanbanchi might help you in calculating the time spent on your daily routines.

4. Get rid of stress

No need to worry about unnecessary items during the day. Remove all thoughts, feelings and so on. They will only bog you down and distract you from maintaining a continual workflow.

5. Set up training sessions

Employees intimidated by their workload or a current project tend to procrastinate and therefore lose efficiency and productivity. Periodic training integrated into the processes of the company may help. Employees feel more comfortable and less intimidated by their work when they attend seminars.

6. Remove multitasking

Seems like you can complete more tasks if you work on more than one at a time. But it could ruin your daily workflow. When you work on several tasks simultaneously, your brain goes into overload from switching back and forth between projects. It slows down your productivity on everything. Instead, try to focus on only one task at a time and do not let other tasks distract you.

7. Use collaboration tools

Tasks coming from different directions by phone or emails distract your attention and don’t allow you to keep track of what’s happening on the project.  Being interrupted by your colleagues’ discussions will slow down productivity and end up costing you time and money. There is also the higher risk of making poor decisions, because if you are overwhelmed with tasks that are not recorded and tracked, you may rush to a decision that you will later regret.

manage office workflows

Instead of discussing everything in the meetings and taking notes, consider using a web application, such as Kanbanchi. It helps you to set up your workflow in a team, create tasks and collaborate with your colleagues. Moreover, Kanbanchi works with Google Apps, which makes your daily working processes even easier.

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