How can I choose multiple cards and what actions can I do with them?


There are several actions you can perform with multiple cards:

  • Remove all cards
  • Change due date
  • Change color tag
  • Assign to
  • Add a tag
  • Move to list

To choose multiple cards, hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and without releasing it choose the necessary cards by clicking on each one.

If you want to choose several cards in a row within one list, hold down Shift Key on your keyboard and then click on the first card in the list and the last card in the list.

If you want to select all cards in the list, click on a list title to open the List Details. In the provided popover window, click on Actions and choose Select all cards in list. Then choose the needed option to all these cards.

Tip: When you move cards to another list, all your cards will be placed at the bottom of this list.

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