I have a problem with Kanbanchi. What do I need to do?

1. Allow third-party cookies in your browser settings. Kanbanchi will need Google’s cookies to connect with your Google account, and if they are blocked by the browser, you’ll face never-ending loading.


Chrome gives hints in the address bar if cookie settings interfere with Kanbanchi. 

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Make sure the Blocked list is empty


Go to browser preferences. In cookie settings allow third-party cookies.


2. Make sure you’re using the latest stable version of your browser.

3. Log out of your Google Account, clear your browser history (including cookies) and restart your browser.

4. Sometimes, browser extensions interfere with Kanbanchi. Try disabling them one by one to identify the troublemaker.

Here is the list of errors you may come across:

1) Cookies are not enabled in the current environment.

2) Google is blocked for your system

3)Temporary server error

4) Difficulties connecting to Google services

5) Failed to initialize a required iframe from Google, for instance, due to an unsupported environment.

6) Closing the popup before finishing the sign-up process

7) Permission to the scopes required denied

If the above-mentioned steps don’t help, contact Support:

1. Try to access Kanbanchi in Incognito (Private) mode of your browser. Please, make sure the third-party cookies are not blocked.

2. Go to https://kanban-chi.appspot.com/dashboard/help and click the Contact Support button. If Kanbanchi doesn’t load, use this link instead.

3. Describe your actions and the results you get in detail. Inform us whether the issue is resolved in Incognito (Private) mode of your browser.

4. Attach:

  • URL of the page, where you get the issue;
  • Screenshots and/or a screencast. You can use https://recordit.co/ or another screen recording tool.

Here are examples of problems some our users occasionally come across:

Can not add new collaborators. It always says “currently not available, please try again later”; No application with ID “XXXX” has been installed.

Please, log out of your Google Account, clear your browser history (including cookies) and restart your browser.

Bad Request 400 error when I try to load my boards.

Unfortunately, we could not help you resolve that problem. The probable reason for such a mistake might be the consequence of connection problems on the client side (firewall, proxy, or other network software).

Kanbanchi freezes often, and I need to reload the page. We have about 1500 cards in our dashboard. Is it possible we have too many cards in the system?

Dashboard with 500 cards works fine, but 1500 cards are outside of the limits we have tested. So the reason is actually in the card number. We recommend you to split a workflow into several dashboards. For example, by using separate boards for Backlog and Archive.

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