I have a problem with my Kanbanchi dashboard. What do I need to do?

If you experience problems with your dashboard, try to do the following:

  • If third-party cookies in your browser are blocked, please turn it on.
  • Forced refresh (shift-F5) of the Kanbanchi page.
  • Log out of all your Google Accounts, then clear your browser history (cookies), and restart your browser.
  • Try to access Kanbanchi from another browser.

If these options do not resolve the problem, contact our support team. To make this process easier and faster, please send us:

  • A URL of any dashboard you try to open when the error appears.
  • A screenshot of the error (if it appears).
  • A screenshot from the Developer Console (F12) on the Console tab (if there are any error messages).
  • A detailed description of your problem.

Here are examples of problems some our users occasionally come across:

  • I don’t see Card Details on the right when I select a card. Dashboard is not saved when I quit. How to do?

We suppose that you didn’t hit Enter after typing your card’s name and just clicked on the empty space. Try typing the card name again and then hit Enter on your keyboard to add a card.

  • Cannot add new collaborators. It always says “currently not available, please try again later”

The probable likely cause of sharing problems is blocked third-party cookies in your browser. If that is the case, please change your settings to ¨allow cookies¨. Also clean your browser cookies.

  • Kanbanchi does not save changes I made.
  • Bad Request 400 error when I try to load my boards.

Unfortunately, we could not help you to resolve that problem. The probable reason of such mistake might be the consequence of connection problems on the client side (firewall, proxy, or other network software).

  • Kanbanchi freezes often and I need to reload the page. We have about 1500 cards in our dashboard. Is it possible we have too many cards in the system?

Dashboard with 500 cards works fine, but 1500 cards is outside of the limits we have tested. So the reason is actually in card number.

We recommend you to split a workflow on several dashboards. For example, by using separate dashboards for Backlog and Archive.

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