How to reinstall Kanbanchi?

If you are experiencing troubles with logging in, you might want to reinstall the app.
While there’s no process of reinstallation itself, you are able to remove Kanbanchi from your authorized apps and then install it again.

To remove Kanbanchi, please, go to the list of the apps connected to your Google account

Your list will look similar to this, and you will find Kanbanchi on the list:

reinstall 3

Click on Kanbanchi to open settings, then you will see a REMOVE button. Please, click on it. Be sure, all your data will be saved after removing the app.
reinstall 2

After you removed Kanbanchi, you need to install it again. To do this, simply open and go through the process of installation again, give the access to your Google Drive to the app.

Now Kanbanchi is reinstalled, and you shouldn’t experience issues when logging in again.

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