Can you read all my dashboard information? Does Kanbanchi have access to other files in our Google Drive?

Kanbanchi does not read or modify files in your drive, but yes it can access them when this permission was given. 

When you click on the Attach a file button, Kanbanchi needs to open a window, which shows your Drive documents so you can make file selections. If you upload files from your computer Kanbanchi needs to save these files to your Google Drive. It’s only way Kanbanchi interacts with other files in your Google Drive. That is why when you first try to attach a new file to your card in Kanbanchi, a pop-up window with the request for permission will be shown to you. We ask for access to view files in your Google Drive to be able to attach files to cards.

From technical point of view, we have to apply the same policy to all users (Facebook apps for example allow each individual users to set required permissions but Google does not).

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