How do I set up my Kanban?

Life and work efficiency is an everyday challenge for most people. Kanban methodology gave us a popular and useful approach to managing our workflow and life routine without overburdening. Currently, Kanban boards may be both physical or online.

Certainly, not everyone has space and equipment for a physical kanban. On the contrary, organizing an online board is very easy. To set up an online kanban board just go to, sign in with your Google account, and accept permission requests Kanbanchi asks you for on the Google Authorization screen. That’s it; now the application is ready to use!

In Kanbanchi you can create visual boards for whatever tasks and goals you need. Simply click Create board and your first board will be created.

kanban setup

Type in a name for your first board or just hit Enter. Now it is the time to customize your Kanban board. Each board contains lists that you will fill with your cards. From the very beginning, you have only three lists: to do, doing and done. You are not limited in the number of lists and cards to create. When created, cards may be moved between lists. To create your first card click Plus button, type your text and hit Enter.

After a while, your board may look something like this:

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