I want to help you to move forward your product. How can I do that?

  1. We greatly appreciate it when you give us 5 stars in Chrome Web Store. You let us know that we do a good job and your positive reviews inspire our team to make a better product! It also helps other people find Kanbanchi easier and thus increase our audience.
  2. It’s important for further growth of Kanbanchi to be present on G2Crowd, a peer review platform, where we aspire to rank in Project Management category. If you like Kanbanchi could you please take time to share your thoughts on Kanbanchi on G2Crowd? It’s easy to log in with your LinkedIn profile. Your opinion will help us move forward a lot!
  3. We welcome anyone wanting to share their Kanbanchi experience. How do you work with Kanbanchi? For what tasks do you use it? What are the features you like the most? Why did you choose Kanbanchi instead of many other tools? Be it an article, a blog review, video, presentation, or anything else about how you use Kanbanchi in your life or work, this information helps to show others new ways of applying the app. We will be happy to provide a free one-year Pro account as a bonus to everyone who shares her or his experience with Kanbanchi. Contact our support if you have told the world something about Kanbanchi! All user experiences are placed on our website in the Case Study section.
  4. You can provide us financial support buying a Pro Kanbanchi version. It will be a real assistance as we are developing Kanbanchi all by ourselves without any external investment.
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