What Does Kanban Board Mean?

The Kanban methodology is a highly popular type of workflow management system. But what does Kanban board mean, and how can you use one to improve your team’s task management and project management processes?

The Basics

A Kanban board is a tool that lets you visualize work as it moves through different stages. This board typically splits into three columns; To Do, Doing, and Done. Cards representing tasks are moved across the board to show their current stages. 

The name ‘Kanban’ is based on a Japanese word, which is written as 看板 and translated literally as ‘signboard’. This methodology appeared on Toyota factory in the 1940s, to make their processes more efficient. When used alongside Lean management, it helps companies to boost productivity and lower waste.   

Who Could Use the Kanban System?

What does the Kanban board mean for different industries and how can it be incorporated into companies? Toyota still uses this workflow management method and it has achieved widespread acceptance in the manufacturing sector.

It can also be used in many different sorts of companies, from technology start-ups to software development teams, and anyone else who has to track tasks as they move through the team.

How to Choose a Kanban Board

The earliest boards of this type were simple whiteboards where cards physically moved between columns. The arrival of digital Kanban tools like Kanbanchi means that even large teams and those with remote colleagues can use this method of improving their workflow.

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Kanbanchi has an intuitive interface and integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace, meaning that you get the classic benefits of the Toyota factory, but also a smooth online experience where you track time, run reports, assigns tasks remotely, and a lot more.

Try Kanbanchi to see why this way of working is so popular! 

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