What is team collaboration software?

In a startup or a multinational company, the critical values of teamwork remain the same. Cohesive communication, mutual trust, and clear accountability are crucial for team collaboration. Technology has empowered teams with various team collaboration software to address specific teamwork challenges. So, what is team collaboration software? It should meet the following criteria: 

  • it’s easy on the pocket;
  • not specific to any industry or niche;
  • user-friendly and intuitive;
  • provides the ability to allocate tasks and monitor the workload of team members;
  • has effortless integrations with email, scheduling and file storage services.

What kanban tool does Google Workspace have?

One of the main packs for team collaboration is Google Workplace. It is a collection of tools developed by Google Cloud. Some of its popular apps are Gmail, Meet, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites. Almost every team collaborates on different documents, sheets, slides, etc.; some need kanban to streamline processes on boards. But it turns out that Google Workspace lacks task and project management tools. 

What is team collaboration software?

And here comes the tool smoothly integrated with Google Workspace. Kanbanchi is a team collaboration software for task and project management. Firstly, Kanbanchi is easy to use, and even non-tech heads quickly get on board. Secondly, the tool contains essential collaborative features. For instance, all the changes are reflected in real time, and you won’t miss any changes on the boards with the help of notifications. You know who is collaborating on the board and on which specific task. The team workload monitoring tool of Kanbanchi helps to distribute tasks smartly. At the same time, reports help the team evaluate the results. Above all, it is integrated with Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive, which makes Kanbanchi a perfect solution for teams on Google Workspace.

what is team collaboration software

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