How to create a pivot table in Google Sheets?

Wondering why you need to know how to create a pivot table in Google Sheets? A pivot table is a dynamic tool that helps you to summarize data and simplify data visualization of large datasets.

In this example dataset, we have information about a company’s sales for April of 2023.


To create a pivot table, press Ctrl + A to select all the data and then click Insert and choose Pivot table.


You will see a pop-up window where you may choose where the pivot table will be inserted. Click Create.

The next step is to configure the pivot table. We can add metrics to rows, columns, or values. For example, we can choose to summarize the data by salesperson, client, or region. There are endless ways we can combine our data to create different visualizations. For this dataset, we can add dates to the columns to see the sales of each person over time.

When summarizing the values of your table, you can choose between visualizing them by their sum, average, min, and max, and many other options.

Keep exploring pivot tables to improve your skills with Google Sheets.

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