How to sort in Google Sheets?

Sorting is an important feature of Google Sheets. The three most common types of sorting are alphabetical, numerical, or date. To sort, you need to select your data and click the filter symbol.


Now that you can see these triangles on your header, you click on the triangle of the column you want to sort by. Select from A to Z or from Z to A to sort columns.


When sorting numerical columns, you are going to do the same thing. In this case, A to Z represents ascending sorting, and Z to A represents descending sorting.

For date sorting, A to Z means sorting from older to newer, and Z to A, newer to older. When sorting dates, it is important to have your data be in a valid date format, otherwise Google Sheets might not recognize it as a date.

Google Sheets also has a custom filter, which lets you filter columns based on the color of your text or the cells.


A more advanced feature available on Google Sheets is the possibility of sorting your data using more than one column. Select all your data and, click Data, select Sort range and Advanced range sorting options.


Now, you can add your primary sorting column and add secondary ones. For this example table, we can sort by salesperson and then by date. This way, we can visualize each person’s sales chronologically.


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