How to customise Google Drive folders?

Customise Google Drive folders to efficiently organise and personalise your digital workspace, enhancing accessibility and productivity. Users can streamline workflows, collaborate effectively, and easily locate important files within their Google Drive environment by tailoring folder structures and settings to specific needs.

Folder shortcut

Add a folder shortcut to create a quick link to another folder within your Drive so you can access it easily without having to navigate through the entire folder structure. Right-click on the folder, select Organise, and Add Shortcut. Choose where you want it to appear. You can access the shortcut from your selected location once you’ve added the shortcut. 


Star folders

Mark important folders with a star to quickly access them from the “Starred” section in the sidebar. Right-click on the folder, select Organise, and Add to starred. All the items marked with a star are in one place.


Colour folders

Google Drive allows you to change the colour of your folder. Right-click on the folder you want to customize, select Organise, and choose from the available colour options.


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