What is Google Vids?

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Google Vids is a new addition to Google Workspace that aims to simplify video creation, especially for those without editing expertise. Announced in April 2024, the app might help you overcome video creation hurdles and get your message across effectively.

Google Vids is an AI-powered video creation app. This intelligent assistance streamlines video writing, production, and editing, promising a more efficient workflow. Powered by Google AI Gemini, Vids requires a prompt from you, allowing you to attach a document for full context. Surely, this level of convenience puts you in control of the creative process.

Vids will suggest the video outline. But surely, you will have an option to customize. To proceed, you will need to choose the video style. However, it’s not yet clear how broad the style library will be. In the video, we can see 16 of them. Based on the given context, Vids will generate a video for you!

You will get a draft with stock media and music. Video script will also be suggested, and you’ll be able to use it as a voiceover. Definitely, there will be quick access to Google Drive and Photos. Moreover, you will be able to record yourself and use Gemini voices for your video. It will let you access the Google stock content library. And, of course, Vids won’t lack the collaboration capabilities we are used to in Google Workspace.

In the demo video, they mention Slides. That’s really interesting! If we check the comment section of the other promo video, we will see comments about the similarity of Vids to presentations. Speaking about the overall reaction, people are also expressing concern that Google will shut down the app pretty quickly. Well, we’ll see. According to Gemini, Vids will be released in June 2024. Note that it will be available to Google Workspace Labs users. Seems like there will be nothing ground-breaking for the video industry. However, it will be an easy-to-use construction set for quick and effortless video creation.

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