How to master Gemini AI and Google Workspace

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Do you know Google AI assistant can brainstorm ideas, write emails, analyse data, and even design presentations? That's the magic of Gemini! Let's unlock Gemini's potential within your favourite Workspace apps.

Gemini analyses the context of your work within each app. For example, in Gmail, it can suggest email replies based on the content of the received message. So you can craft compelling emails faster. Click "Reply" and "Help me write." The feature is also available when writing an email from scratch.


The AI can generate a project brief out of lengthy email correspondence and quickly convert it into Docs saving your time and effort. You may refine the content by adjusting its length, structure and tone of voice. Select the text you'd like to modify, click the Gemini icon on the left, and choose what Gemini should do.


Gemini can help you with presentations by generating stunning visuals and design elements within Slides. You will see the right-side panel in Slides. Type your prompt and choose the style.


Always remember: The better your prompts, the better the results. Play around with the style to find one that fits your presentation best!


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