New Kanbanchi Navigation Panel: More Convenient, More Fancy

Kanbanchi is constantly evolving offering its users more convenient ways of work. We are glad to announce that we have finished a huge part of our work and released a new Kanbanchi navigation panel. This is a significant change to Kanbanchi’s appearance but this is a change for good.

First of all, the best part of it is that you will now be able to open more than four boards in one browser tab. Actually, you may now open up to ten boards.

The second good news is that all the necessary switchers, links and board settings are now in one place – on the brand new left-side navigation panel. Just look at how it works for switching from Kanban board to Gantt chart.

We hope you enjoy the new Kanbanchi look and will be glad to receive your feedback in comments or to our support email.

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