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10 Time Saving Productivity Dashboard Templates That Will Make You a Productivity Ninja

Time is the most valuable resource in the modern world. We often lack it, and sometimes our biggest dream is to get 2-3 additional hours to the 24 that we have. But how do you use these 24 hours? Do you care about structuring your day? Do you have a time schedule? These productivity dashboard templates will save your time and day!

When you work at the office you have many routine tasks repeating every day, week, or month. These tasks may be way more time-consuming if not organized properly. You come to the office earlier with a big promise to yourself to get all of them done by the time your work usually starts but realize that you are still engaged with them when it’s almost lunchtime. Your productivity is rapidly reaching zero and you are getting upset.

Dashboards can be great time savers because your team will have templates for all these repeating tasks. Dashboards can help you get more efficient, as team members, having access to the dashboard, stay updated on how the work is going. Using templates helps to unify the working process and saves a lot of time with the onboarding of new employees.

Among the variety of online dashboards proliferating every year, online kanban boards seem to be the most popular, helping to boost your productivity. Kanbanchi helps remote teams to create their own customized kanban dashboards to help people save time when doing their job. As well as customized dashboards you may pick some templates for your industry. Here are the best productivity dashboard templates that we think may be helpful for you. Copy them to your Google Drive and use them as they are or modify them for your team’s needs.

5-things-concept – this is a template for managing projects that will help you to prioritize tasks. All the tasks can be divided into three groups according to their priority: high, medium, and low. The five things concept assumes that every team member should have no more than five tasks in hand at the same time.

Classic Kanban Template – this is a template of essential kanban board reflecting GTD (getting things done) concept. All the tasks can be divided into those that you need to do, tasks that you are doing, and those that are already done. Moving tasks between 3 columns let you control your workflow.

Kanban with priorities – a template that combines two previous ones in order to help you not only control your workflow but to have a better understanding of what tasks need to be done first according to their priorities.

Agile – reflects an iterative approach to software development. This template can be useful for small development teams.

Collaboration for Small Teams – this template can be used by teams of 3-5 people to collaborate online. This template will help you to understand what particular task each team member is working on at the moment.

MVP creation – set up your process of creating a minimum viable product with a clear understanding of stages and workflow.

Development – development, and bug fixing process template for remote teams.

Content production – a template for blog publishers that allows planning content creation and tracking team members’ input. Generally, it’s a monthly template, but it can be easily modified into a weekly or quarterly one depending on your content calendar.

Weekly planning – plan your tasks weekly and track their execution. This template can also be combined with the prioritization approach (5 things concept).

Event planning – plan your conference or just an open talk meeting.

If you haven’t used Kanbanchi before, and you want to try it, either start with one of these templates or start from scratch and create your own dashboard.

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