Case Study: ArtiKen Benefits From Kanbanchi’s Google Integration

Every day we get great reviews and comments from our best customers. That is why we are building out our library of case studies to help inform our potential customers about how they can benefit from using Kanbanchi. You can find more of our case studies here

In this case study, we are going to share the story behind the ArtiKen brand and its journey with Kanbanchi. Christopher Hough is the Founder and CEO behind the operations. He launched where the best artisans in the world create handmade masterpieces that live on the site. But here’s the best part, each purchase is making amazing change through the 10% of profits that aid in clean water initiatives in the same country the products are made. Chris also provides full-time jobs for these artisans that may have not had a job previously. Money spent for a great cause and you get a handmade accessory with a story behind it. Shopping with a purpose has never been easier.

artiken case study

Challenges That ArtiKen Faced Before Kanbanchi

ArtiKen’s goals in managing their ongoing tasks and projects are to streamline the creations of multiple product collections a year into one simplified project management platform. And Kanbanchi has significantly helped with its detailed, yet easy-to-use platform.

ArtiKen was looking for software that integrated seamlessly with the Google ecosystem. Their company loves the connectivity of Google, and getting Kanbanchi was a perfect solution. 

How Kanbanchi Stands Out Against The Competitors

The most attractive aspect of the Kanbanchi app was its integration into the Google ecosystem. The ability to link it to personal Google Drives was also a great catch. It serves as a backup to any information entered into the projects. ArtiKen had previously been with Asana but felt there had to be better project management software to work seamlessly within the Google ecosystem. Kanbanchi’s software is extremely user-friendly and makes for a no-brainer decision if a freelancer and/or organization operate within Google Workspace.

There really was no question for the team whether or not to subscribe. ArtiKen spent about a week playing around with Kanbanchi to truly test our platform, and, the decision was simple, definitely use this program.

As many of you know, Kanbanchi was built for Google Workspace and perfectly integrates with its apps and tools. Moreover, you can easily log in using your Gmail account and add files from your Drive/Shared Drives to Kanbanchi boards and cards. Google integration allows you to add tasks to your Google calendar and convert emails to cards/tasks.

ArtiKen’s Benefits From Using Kanbanchi

Brand’s collections are designed about a year prior to the launch of ArtiKen products. The team has benefitted greatly by being able to copy a mainboard as a template and carry that template over to new seasons. It has made it significantly easy to catch up on the team’s goals of having all collections built and planned a year ahead of time. All while being able to track where any given member of our team is in case support may be needed to accomplish deadlines.

We here at Kanbanchi are so happy when we get this kind of feedback from customers. We have built Kanbanchi with the goal of creating the best project management tool for Google Workspace users. You don’t need to be an expert in project management. Kanbanchi is so easy to use, anyone can start using it right away.

In addition, Kanbanchi helps you easily create and manage tasks, collaborate with others in real-time, share files and comments, and make progress reports. Features include a clean interface that encourages everyone at your company to stay focused on the work at hand. Try Kanbanchi today by following the link below!

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