Creative Project Management Software That Will Boost Your Inspiration

Project Management Software: Creative Team’s Choice.

Have you ever wondered if there’s a type of project management software that could actually help your creative juices to flow instead of holding you back? Some software tends to divert your team’s time from creating by forcing them to focus on mundane tasks like updating information or learning how to use a complex project management tool.

Our team started off with this thought, and we imagine that many current Kanbanchi users turned to us after thinking like this too. If you sometimes find that the software you use stifles your creative instincts, then it is time to see what switching to a better project management tool could do for you. 

What Is Different About Creative Project Management?

Not every type of project is the same, and a major difference can be the amount of creativity needed on it. A creative project is likely to have a goal of producing something unique at the end, so it could apply to website construction, building an advertising campaign, video production, or other industries where there is a strong emphasis on creating something new and fresh.

Finding the perfect marriage between nurturing the creative process and respecting deadlines is a huge obstacle that not everyone manages to overcome without some help. Those people who are brilliant at coming up with innovative ideas are often put off by the thought of using software that clashes with their creative, artistic approach or that restricts them in some way.

Therefore, they need something that keeps their project firmly on track with a minimum of fuss. A creative project needs to meet deadlines and follow a similar basic structure to other projects, but it should have a minimum of time spent on fiddly administrative tasks and learning how to use the software for managing routine tasks.  

What Are the Key Aspects when Comparing Creative Project Management Software?

There are some vital aspects that stand out when looking at the best creative PM software options.

  1. First of all, you will want a clear user interface that doesn’t distract from the process of creating. Some tools for traditional projects may be too complex and are more suitable for technical teams rather than those that want to focus on building ideas.
  2. A point to bear in mind is that not all creative teams have a high degree of technical knowledge or the time to learn new tools, so it needs to be usable by anyone right away without the need for time-consuming training. 
  3. The software also has to allow a high degree of collaboration on ideas, as this is a crucial part of the process. Creative teams often rely on bouncing ideas off each other, rather than adopting a set of rigid processes. Being able to collaborate more efficiently is a key area that should allow you to unleash more innovative solutions that meet the objectives in place.
  4. The right creative project software will also allow the individual roles to be clearly defined, to allow everyone to contribute in the best possible way. Above all, you want a simple tool that complements the creative process and doesn’t limit you in any way.

Why Does Your Creative Agency Need to Use Project Management Software?

There are some powerful reasons for using the right PM software in a creative agency. For a start, it allows you to streamline the creative brief and focus on the potential results of your ideas. This helps you save time on learning how to carry out admin tasks, which you can then dedicate to the creative aspect of the task instead.

You can also visualize the workflow more easily in this way, even on highly complex projects with lots going on at the same time. In addition, the whole team can be easily updated and you can keep all of your feedback in a single place, lowering the need for traditional meetings or brainstorming sessions to take place. 

In short, it lets inspiration take the driver’s seat in your team’s minds, while the everyday tasks that could smother their creativity are taken care of without any sort of hassle. 

Creative Project Management with Kanbanchi

Taking into account the points we have looked at so far, we can now easily see why Kanbanchi is the best app for creative teams to track their work and achieve measurable results. The simple layout and the power of this tool allow your team to focus on their creativity at all times.

Keep the team updated on their own tasks and on how the overall project is going. You will soon see that everyone has the freedom to focus on their creative skills and produce the sort of exciting end results that make the whole thing worthwhile.

Best of all, Kanbanchi is ready for you to open it and start using it from the very first minute. There is no steep learning curve, so creative team members who don’t want a highly technical solution will feel comfortable using it to make their life easier, rather than more difficult.    

Common Creative Agency Management Workflows

Project scheduling

The most common approach to workflow is to schedule together the tasks that form an individual project. If your agency works for multiple clients, you might want to have a separate visual schedule for each project you undertake. The Kanbanchi board can form a schedule that will show you who is doing what at any time. You can choose to view it as a Kanban board or as a timeline in the form of a Gantt chart.

kanban board for creative teams

Project in a form of a Kanban board

Gantt chart for creative teams

Project in a form of a Gantt chart

Team management

By structuring your workflow around teams rather than projects, you will benefit from knowing your team’s resource capability at all times. Kanbanchi boards are easily transformed into lists that will show you each team member’s tasks. In this way, you will be able to quickly judge who is relatively idle and who is at risk of being overloaded.

Team workload made visual

Creative assets management

You might want to keep all of the assets belonging to a project together in a neatly organized way. It will help you find the right assets quickly without spending too much time searching within your Google Drive. Kanban board is a great tool for that. For example, when launching a website, your assets board may look like this.

website launch tracking

Website assets tracking board

Kanbanchi has it all for you

Kanbanchi is a very flexible app that can be easily transformed into any shape to fit your work style. You won’t need to adjust your processes to fit them in the app but the app will adjust to support your processes.

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