Default card properties

Default card properties is a new Kanbanchi feature. Definitely, those of you who use the same properties on pretty much all the cards will commend the release. It’s an additional setting you may use to reduce the number of actions you need to perform while setting a card up.

We introduced the new Kanbanchi card panel in mid-summer 2020. Basically, the card panel space was divided into two major parts: card details and the menu. It worked for a clearer view of the relevant card information. Today, we are giving you an opportunity to decide what fields you would like to see in card details by setting default card properties.

Setting default card properties in Kanbanchi

Let’s say you have a team project board shared with your colleagues. The nature of this project demands specific data be reflected on each and every card. No need to click property buttons every time. You may set the properties to appear by default on all the new cards. The settings will apply to this particular board, for all users.

When a board user creates a card on the board, they will understand what specific fields they need to complete. So your team will be on the same page and realize what data they are working with.

Again, the setting is board specific. Cards can be set differently on your boards as we understand that depending on the nature of the project you may need various properties. Additionally, only the board owner can change the setting.

We hope you enjoy this new feature. Please, let us know your opinion in the comments down below or via the contact form.