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Enterprise Dashboard: Collaborate and Manage Your Workflow Online

We all know that today’s business organizations and individuals face a wide array of potential problems and issues resulting from their current collaboration and online interactions. It is important to be able to monitor and control the situations and trends in real-time, being flexible enough to react accordingly. That is where Kanbanchi’s Enterprise Dashboard comes into play. It can provide a well‑integrated set of tools for ease of team collaboration in a convenient dashboard interface. In addition to its advanced features, it can also easily integrate with Google Workspace.

Firstly, our Enterprise Dashboard is designed to make your business operations more efficient and organized. It uses Kanban methodology for increased collaboration through task management. It will enable you to gain the upper hand on tasks and keep on track with everything that you need to do.

Moreover, no matter how small your company is, you can benefit from a good workflow process. Collaborating and managing your workflow online can help you run your business 24/7. Improving productivity, sharing documents merging tasks, and managing deadlines, running a company is not easy. Above all, workflow improvement tools help you plan and manage your workflow with great ease and accuracy.

Stay Organized And Productive With Enterprise Dashboard

With the internet becoming more and more popular, there are also many online tools that can really help out when it comes to managing your business. Built with small businesses and big corporations in mind, Kanbanchi’s Enterprise Dashboard was created to give you the utmost flexibility and control over how your business is presented. For instance, it is the latest of services that help you to increase your productivity and get organized and stay communicated.

Integrate With Google Workspace

Kanbanchi has been designed with Google Workspace integration in mind. You do not need to use any complicated software or click on any additional links to get everything functional. Just sign into the app using your usual Google account and you are immediately connected. No more transferring files or sharing passwords. And because it’s done through Google Drive, all changes made in both locations are updated instantly.

Your work is now available anywhere – anytime – on any device! With Kanbanchi’s Google Integration you can access your dashboards from anywhere through any browser, and share them with your colleagues maintaining their original formatting and the ability to invite others to collaborate. That is a great way of increasing productivity and efficiency when working with colleagues and fellow team members across locations.

Quick and Easy Deployment

Deploying a workflow in a new business to ensure that you meet hard delivery timescales can be a challenge. Kanbanchi’s Enterprise Dashboard can help to streamline your day-to-day work and organizing your projects, people, and tasks. In addition, you can set up dashboards for different roles, departments, and projects within the business. Kanbanchi’s project experience is right in, meaning you can see all of your projects in one place without having to learn a new tool. 

Kanbanchi provides businesses with a way to transparently track projects in progress, cost or profit, time spent and even the number of hours worked each day, all in one place. Therefore, with this tool, you can improve the way your team works by customizing an interactive dashboard that allows users to quickly view and update data from any device.

Visualize The Process Using Our Dashboard

There are many examples of how visual thinking has brought many businesses to great success. It is not uncommon for innovative businesses to think in terms of pictures rather than have to have everything in prose. Additionally, it speeds up your ability to get work done and ensures that no task works get lost or forgotten. Kanbanchi is an effective visual management system that organizes work in process for increased efficiency and task management. Once you try it, we know you’ll love it!

Customize Your Workflow

Kanbanchi lets you take control of your task management process by giving you the ability to fully customize it. You can choose between a variety of different features. However, a fully customizable task management tool designed for non-programmers, Kanbanchi will allow you to get working on your tasks in the way that works best for you. Add in features that are relevant to your personal circumstance, or to your business. 

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