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7 Enterprise Online Tools That Will Help You Forget About Google Docs

If your business has come to rely purely on Google Docs then maybe it is time to find an alternative solution among enterprise online tools that gives you more flexibility and control over your tasks. While this is a fine way of working, there are some limitations to it that can be avoided by using other online tools.

Thankfully, there are a number of fantastic tools around for Enterprise use that will make life easier for you. The following are a few of the best of them to look out for when you want to replace or complement Google Docs in your business.


Managing customer relationships and contacts can be an unnecessarily time consuming business for any Enterprise. This is especially true when your business grows and trying to do it all on Google Docs becomes a real hassle.

Essentially, Highrise offers customer relationship management software that keeps life simple for you. You can keep an eye on your customers and proposals, with reminders for when you are due to follow up.

For new businesses the free plan covers 2 users and a maximum of 250 contacts. If you have already grown bigger than this then you can choose from a number of different paid plans.

Active Calendar

If managing your Enterprise team calendar on Google has become a huge challenge then maybe it is time to find an online tool that suits your current needs. After all, this is a key aspect of running any business smoothly and professionally.

In this respect, Active Calendar is a tool that could save you a lot of time and hassle in the future. This is online calendar management software that lets you keep all of your important details in just the one place.

No matter complicated your business calendar is, you can take control of it a lot more easily with this powerful software.


In a busy Enterprise company it can be difficult to find the time to get together for meetings and other events. In fact, a whole lot of time can be wasted trying to find the right moment on your Google Calendar when everyone involved is available.

This is when the clever Doodle scheduling app comes in handing. It allows users to tell everyone else when they are free, letting Doodle work out when the most convenient time for the meeting would be.

While the basic version is free to use, you can also choose to pay in order to get hold of extra features that help you to integrate it with your Google or Outlook calendar.


If writing content on Google Docs is a pain for you then an online writing tool could be just what you need. The extra functionality with this type of software makes it a far more suitable way of organising your content marketing.

There are different content writing tools like this around and WriteWell is one of the best. One of the great things about it is that you can arrange the documents in chunks for better visual help.

Perhaps those people who most benefit from using this tool are those people who find it difficult to get started on writing their content. This is because it gives dozens of outlines and templates to help you get started more easily.


Billing clients can be an unexpected hassle when you start to become successful. The time that it takes to set up and amend documents online might feel like time badly spent if you end up with results that aren’t particularly attractive or professional in appearance.

The good news is that invoicing software like Harvest can make this a much simpler task from now on. You can carry out tasks like time and expense tracking on here, as well as estimates.

If your business is still growing then you might be happy enough with the free version for a maximum of 4 clients and 2 projects, with upgraded features available for a fee.


For a huge range of online tools and services, Zoho is a smart choice. This rival to Google Docs brings you a full cloud software suite that covers email, CRM and most of the other tools that an Enterprise firm would look for.

If you are most interested in the word processing function then the documents element on Zoho gives a wide range of features. In fact, it is one of the online tools that most closely match the range of features found on Word.

If you are looking for a new way of organising your work then there are definitely some reasons for considering making the switch from Google Docs to Zoho.


Finally we came to the question of organising your company’s workflow alongside with collaboration between departments. Organising the workflow for your business could start to become a real hassle as it grows or you take on bigger projects. Just trying to keep track of who needs to do what and when can be something that takes up far more of your time than you would like.

Kanbanchi offers a fantastic solution to this problem by letting you organise your workload and divide it out among the team. This is a particularly good tool for big teams that are scattered across the globe but who need to collaborate regularly.

With an easy to use interface and plenty of useful features, Kanbanchi gives you a great way of working as a team in a very efficient manner. Kanbanchi is integrated with Google Drive and complements G Suite perfectly, which makes it a great project management tool for those companies who are not so against Google Docs, but just don’t know how to have them in some order.

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