FormAssembly: Seamless Integration to Google Drive Makes Kanbanchi Stand Against Competitors

Find out why the marketing team at FormAssembly switched their project management tool to Kanbanchi and how it helped them to stay organized and be more productive.

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Maggie Tharp is the Content Marketing Specialist at FormAssembly, and shares her experience of using Kanbanchi.


“We’re a small team. There are four of us in the marketing team out of about 40 people in our company. Our team wanted to become better organized with all the projects we had going on and be able to get a better big-picture view of everything.” – Maggie Tharp

The team also needed to find a solution that could serve as a reference for information about project status to be able to guard against dropping projects due to a lack of a record of what needed to be done.

The challenges of growth

FormAssembly’s marketing team began to grow with the growth of the product, and the kind of collaboration that had been manageable with a few people was hard to scale with a larger team without dropping the ball on projects.

As a remote team, they needed a productivity tool that they could all collaborate in and use as a reliable reference for the status and nature of the projects that were going on.

“Before Kanbanchi, we were using the productivity tool Asana, which had a lot of features but was overly complicated in some ways. It was hard to map out a workflow in the way that we needed and just ended up being overwhelming to manage and collaborate in.” – Maggie Tharp


FormAssembly’s marketing team





There was a strong need to find a sustainable project management solution that wouldn’t become too much work to manage, preferably something that would work with the Google products that the team uses frequently, and before adopting Kanbanchi they tried out a few apps but they either were too bare bones or had way too much going on.

The perfect fit

There were several popular productivity apps that the FormAssembly marketing team found on the Chrome Web Store. They tested all of them alongside with Kanbanchi, and Kanbanchi ended up being the team favorite.

Kanbanchi has an incredible Google integration that has made it seamless to link with the team’s Google Docs and Calendar. There wasn’t really any knowledge barrier when they started using the tool, because the interface was already familiar. Also everybody loved the kanban board layout and the ability to easily fit Kanbanchi to all the processes with lists. Each list representing a stage of the working process.

Smooth processes lead to greater productivity

It’s now easy to see an overview of all the projects sorted by priority and organized into what stage they’re in. If someone needs more details on a project, needs to leave a comment on something, needs to add related attachments, or add a checklist, he or she can do all that quickly and easily and it helps the team to keep a better record of their work in a place that all team members can view and collaborate on. Adding and modifying cards is quick and simple, and allows everyone to track projects and progress toward goals without taking a large amount of time away from work.

“From my point of view, we have a better handle on what projects we have going on, so we can more realistically plan for future projects and avoid neglecting any important tasks.” – Maggie Tharp.

As a side benefit, there’s something satisfying about the visual interface and being able to drag a card into the done list when it’s completed 🙂

Achieve your marketing goals

Marketing your product might be tough nowadays. That’s why you need to be sure that the processes in the organisation run smoothly. Kanbanchi can handle it, offering you more time for achieving your goals.

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