Google Workspace Project Management App

Google Workspace Project Management App Doesn’t Exist… Now What?

As you know, Google Workspace offers a set of apps that are best at keeping teams productive. It has all the tools for the communication, collaboration and productivity that you need. Pack of great tools – all in one place. But still, its users are looking for a simple way to set up a project management. And even though the demand is high, Google Workspace project management app doesn’t exist. 

Project management tools are crucial when it comes to effective collaboration, especially when you are working on team projects. Google Workspace users need them, but the search giant is offering an app pack without any project management tool. It offers numerous ways for users to communicate and collaborate with each other. But sometimes, they don’t know what to do about managing projects and workloads.

The lack of a project management app in Google Workspace is a big and obvious drawback, but luckily there is a solution. Let’s see what is the project mangement app itself and what is the alternative for Google Workspace users.

What Is A Project Management App?

Project management app is a business solution, which simplifies the process of managing, organizing, and communicating information about projects. This solution allows you to keep track of all the opened and closed projects, their progress and includes an opportunity to communicate with other members of the project team in real-time. You can consolidate all your tasks, assign them to individuals or teams, and track their progress.

Project management software has been widely used for many years now. Some see it as an online scheduling tool that helps people keep track of project progress, while others use this for team collaboration. The delegation of tasks is done more easily using project management apps. Effective collaboration is very important in the project management app. The work gets divided among small teams. Each person in the team can monitor their progress by adding checklists, adding files, attaching documents, and updating the statuses on projects.

The Importance Of Using A Project Management App

No matter the size of your team, project management software will help you maintain a structure and avoid clutter. What’s more, it will enable you to assign tasks to different members of the team, monitor their progress, and stay in touch with remote employees. Firstly, it is meant to help get all the info required for any given project in one place and make it easily accessible. Secondly, using the app saves time and energy. Thirdly, the team members get the same dataset at their fingertips for any given point in time, thus reducing mistakes and inaccuracies throughout the whole process.

Using a project management app requires moving beyond the mindset of simply entering all one’s tasks on a “to-do” list. A good project management app brings together time and money, people and organizations, timelines and deadlines, milestones and deliverables—all of which must be accurately reflected if the manager is to be of any use to his or her organization.

If you are analyzing all these team projects, you must keep track of all revisions, check for new bugs, and make sure everything is on track. You must also define a responsive user interface to facilitate communication across departments, analyze project resources including the availability of resources, define workflow processes that create efficiency in project management.

We all know, that good communication is the key to successful project management. That’s true whether you are managing a team onsite or managing it virtually like many companies do these days. The way to make good communication work for you is to use some kind of project management software. While some people think the best thing about these tools is their visibility, I believe visibility itself is not enough. 

The Best Solution For Google Workspace Users

If you’re a Google Workspace user then you will love Kanbanchi. Kanbanchi is a task management app that has built-in integration with your Google Workspace, allowing you to move your tasks over to Kanban boards really easily. Moreover, the format used by Kanban is a great way to visualize your projects and it will help you see which tasks are on course and those that may need some extra care.

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Kanbanchi is one of the most responsive project management tools for teams working on a variety of collaborative projects. In addition, it is very simple, powerful, and flexible. Kanbanchi is an ideal tool for your team’s daily use. Your team can manage their tasks, create projects and tasks with lists and cards. Also they can improve governance using Gantt charts or collect time data with our time tracker.

It is a complete project management app that helps you visualize your organization’s activities in a structured way. Try Kanbanchi now and you will see how productive your work can be.

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