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What You Need for the Perfect Google Workspace Collaboration

Proper collaboration is needed for any team to become more productive, but how can this be done well these days? By taking a close look at Google Workspace collaboration, we can see some of the key reasons for collaborating and how to do it using this online suite of tools.

Why Has Proper Collaboration Grown More Important?

Collaboration at work has always been considered a key part of any company. In the past, this simply meant sharing tasks among the people sitting next to each other. Thus it was quite easy to decide how best to divide up the tasks needing carrying out.

The introduction of technology such as emails and databases allowed people to collaborate more easily even if the other person wasn’t right beside them at the time. This has become more a necessity over time, as we become more reliant upon technology to carry out our jobs.

In the last few years, the move towards remote working has made this a more pressing issue. A growing number of people work with colleagues who are based in a different part of the world. They might never meet each other personally. The need to collaborate effectively has grown as the way we work has changed.

What Are the Major Collaboration Challenges?

Collaborating as a team has always involved challenges such as finding colleagues who work well together and whose skills provide a good match. Teams need to have a shared vision and show the same values if they are going to work together to a high level at all times.

These challenges have become more obvious now that remote working is more common than ever before. In addition, it can be more difficult to build a bond between team members when they don’t work in the same physical location, which can lead to problems in getting tasks completed to a high level.

Communication issues caused by factors such as time differences and language matters can make collaboration more awkward too. It causing productivity to drop and deadlines to be missed if the right solutions aren’t found.

Security can also be a major issue. If everyone is accessing your data from their own devices and on home Wi-Fi networks, this can cause a weakness in security that hackers could exploit. It is far more difficult to control the cybersecurity of a remote team than one that is altogether in a single office.

How Does Google Workspace Collaboration Help?

This new working environment requires new tools to help us to adapt. This has meant that we have needed new collaboration tools that can be used online to let us work together as though we are in the same building.

The Google Workspace collaboration approach is a fine example of how this can work smoothly. The tech giant has produced an excellent suite of online tools that ensure that anyone can share and edit documents, set up meetings, and carry out collaboration tasks with no hassle.

It is ideal for teams who work on a remote basis but need to work together closely on certain tasks. The whole system is cleverly set up so that you can do things like arranging a meeting without leaving the document you are working on. You could also carry out a survey among colleagues to gauge their opinion, using Google Forms.

It also helps to reduce the main security risks, as the information is held safely in the cloud. Also, you can set permissions to whatever you need them to be. Even if people are accessing the documents from different places, the documents are in one place at all times and no one needs to leave the suite to do any of their daily tasks.

What Might You Be Missing in Google Workspace?

Google Workspace collaboration is easy for the majority of teams to start with. Moreover, it covers most of the things that you might want to work on with co-workers. Yet, there is one area where you might feel that something is missing.

This is because there is no Kanban board available in this online suite. The Kanban methodology has become hugely popular as a way of managing tasks and projects more easily. The lack of a board of this type takes away a great way of handling your workflow more smartly.

Another item you might be disappointed to see is missing is a Gantt chart. This is a simple but hugely effective type of chart. It is commonly used in the project management world to track the team’s progress more professionally and to see how the milestones affect one another.

How Kanbanchi Can Complement Google Workspace Collaboration?

We have seen so far that the Google Workspace collaboration gives us a good way of working together. And it is especially helpful if the team is spread out geographically. However, we have also seen that there are a couple of areas missing from this suite of tools. This could affect your task management and project management experience.

Thankfully, the Kanbanchi tool makes it easy to fill in these gaps and gives you a more complete collaboration practice. It includes both a Kanban board and a Gantt chart, to make it an incredibly useful addition to your online tools.

It is simple to add Kanbanchi to your Google Workspace approach, as it integrates seamlessly with the suit. The app has an intuitive layout that means that your team members won’t need any lengthy training sessions. Just start tracking tasks and projects right away while you carry on using Workspace for everything else.

By adopting the Google Workspace collaboration tools and adding Kanbanchi, you can overcome the majority of the main collaboration challenges and get a more productive team whose progress is easily tracked at all times.

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