How Can a Taskboard Help Your Team?

There are now many different tools that have been designed to make it easier for teams to be efficient and productive, with taskboards among the most popular. Yet, what if you don’t know enough about tools like this to decide whether it is right for you?

The first step is to fully understand what a taskboard is. We can go on to look at the ways in which it can help you to do a better job every time.  

What Is a Taskboard?

This is a fairly simple tool that is used to give a visual representation of the current status of a project. The general idea is that it gives a very easy way to see at a glance how the work is evolving, what has been completed and what is still to be done.

It is a highly popular approach, due to being so easy to carry out and flexible. A taskboard can be set up for use by a small or large team in just about any type of industry and for varying kinds of project.

Each task is typically written on a card, starting out in the column titled “To Do”. As the work progresses, it will move onto the “In Progress” section before finally reaching the “Done” column once it has been fully completed.

How Can a Taskboard Be Used to Help a Team Be More Productive?   

The most obvious advantage of using this sort of tool is that it makes it very clear to everyone how the project is going. People can see at a glance what still has to be done and what has already been completed. This can remove some of the project’s stress if things are going well or encourage a higher level of productivity if they have fallen behind.

It also means that confusion can be avoided and everyone can feel like they are part of the overall effort. They will all see where their tasks fit in with the whole project and will also notice if they fall behind the rest of the group. 

The biggest advantage should be seen with the fact that the team is more committed and informed about the project. They are more likely to interact with each other and understand different parts of the work being done if they can see the big picture in this way.

It can be a good idea to make the taskboard a major point to look at when the team gets together to discuss their progress. This tool will make it easier for them to share information and keep each other in the loop. So, meetings should be quicker and more worthwhile in this way. 

Use of a taskboard also helps the team leaders to keep a closer track on everything that is going on. Just by glancing at the current situation they can easily get a feel for whether everything is on target. Naturally, the tool can be adapted to give the level of detail and complexity that is required for any specific project or organisation.      

How to Choose the Right Approach

As we have seen, there are different ways of adapting taskboards to meet the needs of the business or organisation using them. Therefore, it is time to look at whether it would suit you to use a manual or online version of this tool. Both contain the same sort of information on them but can be accessed in different ways.

The manual approach can be the simplest method of controlling a very small piece of work involving a limited number of workers. If they are based in the same office and work the same hours, they should be able to share their data in this way without any issues.

A simple whiteboard with coloured pieces on paper on it can be effective when this basic approach is used. However, it becomes less effective with remote teams or those who don’t work at the same times for some reason.

In these cases, an online taskboard tool is the best choice for getting all of the advantages offered by organising your tasks in this way. This gives everyone in the team the chance to hook up at any time and see exactly what everyone has done or still has to do.

Kanbanchi is an example of an excellent choice of online taskboard. It is a versatile tool that can be adapted to suit big teams working in remote locations on complex tasks, or else used for simpler projects if necessary.

Once you have made this decision, it is then a matter of sorting out the exact details of what you will include on here. In little time, you should be up and running with a very easy way to keep your project perfectly on track and productivity levels as high as possible.


Choosing the right taskboard and using it every day is a smart way to ensure that your team is fully focussed and working together at all times. With this move, you will help to increase productivity levels and also encourage everyone to feel more committed to the project.

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