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3 Benefits of Using Kanbanchi and PieSync Together That Your Marketing Department Shouldn’t Miss


Finding the right pieces of software to use together is one of the secrets of running an effective and efficient marketing business these days. Whether you are a large digital marketing agency or just a small startup making its first steps in the field, you need to be sure the tools you are using are complementing each other. In this respect, the combination of Kanbanchi and PieSync will be the perfect choice.

The following are a few of the best reasons why using them together is such a smart idea that many people have now opted for.

No More Confusing or Conflicting Data

One of the big problems of a digital marketing process is that of having conflicting data and contact details spread across different places. Using PieSync is an ideal approach for making sure that you have just one database that can be accessed by any of your cloud apps.

Whether you use Salesforce, Google Apps, Nimble, MailChimp or some other CRM system, PieSync offers you to sync all your contacts across your favourite cloud apps. This is the easy way to avoid data getting out of date and confusing over time.

In this way, you can harness the power of the cloud and also make full use of your data to drive your campaigns forward no matter how globally dispersed your marketing team is. The days of trying to find out which set of data is the correct, up to date one are now long gone.

Manage CRM Work with Kanbanchi

Managing your marketing process with the help of Kanbanchi is a clever way of making sure that your efforts are well organised and, therefore, properly focussed at all times. This systematic and efficient approach helps you to control your workflow and makes it easier to get a smoother and more integrated process overall.

You can keep the CRM data wherever you want with PieSync and always have access to the updated version to use it in conjunction with your Kanbanchi processes. This will ensure that the whole team can get to see the progress in a workflow and at the same time everyone can work with your updated data at all times without any hassle or risk of confusion. This is one of the key to your team productivity.

Once you start using the simple and intuitive approach offered by Kanbanchi you will wonder how on Earth you got by without it in the past.

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Save Money

Every business needs to look for interesting ways to save some money. This is why it makes perfect sense to take the advantage of the money-saving opportunities offered by using both Kanbanchi and PieSync at work.

There is a special offer available to those existing Kanbanchi users who want to get PieSync as well. Right now, the deal gives users a handsome discount of $50 when subscribing to any of PieSync plans (both yearly and monthly) via this link, so it is well worth looking into this way of saving some money while getting a couple of powerful applications that could be of tremendous help to your business now and in the future.

Those companies that are already up to speed with PieSync can take advantage of a similar deal that lets them get hold of Kanbanchi at a reduced rate. You can learn more about this offer in PieSync blog.

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