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The 3 Key Elements of a Killer Digital Marketing Process


Nowadays most of the companies put the development of digital marketing high up on the execution of business strategies. Managing or working for one of them you understand that building out your brand on the Internet and investing in your digital marketing content lead to close and trustworthy connection with clients. All of these fall under complex digital marketing process, and in order to make this process more efficient it should be well organized to manage huge bulks of content. Otherwise, your marketing plans are easily killed, and deadlines get missed.

To gain success planning your digital marketing process, just use the three key elements that will for sure drive it to great achievements. Effective implementation of these elements that led to productive team cooperation and process setting up was presented by one of our users Danny Butler, Digital Marketing Executive from Mr.Nutcase company – specialists in the provision of bespoke items including personalised phone cases, Macbook covers, mugs, etc. A role of Digital marketing executive includes optimising the website for visibility in search engines, boosting conversions on the website, driving traffic to the website through inbound revenue streams such as PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing and quality content. It also involves liaising with key stakeholders in the business. Huge bulk of work, isn’t it? Similar to your company same operations are hardly ever done efficiently without an appropriate tool. In case of Mr.Nutcase the tool that turbocharged them and helped to streamline the process was Kanbanchi – project management tool for organizing workflow.

So, let’s have a look at the three key elements in detail and go deeper into the tremendous potential for your businesses that they hold:


When all your team members have simple access to goals, projects, content and deadlines, you can work together to deliver consistent marketing content. Without visibility or access to information about what other teams or team members are working on, content loses its value. To gain visibility across the content life-cycle and teams, set up a tool with all of your content deadlines and milestones. This kind of tool is needed not only in huge but also in small companies. For example surely you know how important is the web site for digital marketing, how sophisticated and complex could be the process of redesigning the website with numerous components. Mr.Nutcase was undergoing this kind of process, and to manage such a variety of tasks even being a small team of 6 (more info on project management for small teams here) with different job roles, their employees used Kanbanchi. “It’s excellent in the sense that we can see, share and update the dashboard with relevant information and that it’s accessible by all members of the team. Also, it’s useful for the smaller tasks as well such as a to-do-list for the day as it enables you to prioritise your workload and work more efficiently”, – Danny Butler explains.


The next key point of digital marketing process is to establish accountability in the workflow. When everyone is aware of their role in the process and the tasks they are responsible for, it’s easier to track progress. Kanbanchi is effectively used for these purposes as it enables your team to assign roles for the individuals so that the whole team is aware of the responsibilities. And “it also enables you to categorise each task according to colour and lets you add tags so that you know who is focusing on which area. For example, in our digital marketing tab, it lets us break down the different categories such as SEO, PPC, Website Design, Email marketing etc.”, – Danny describes.



Collaboration is the last step to building the foundation for your digital marketing process. When multiple teams create content, collaboration is crucial to the process. With a single stream of communication, important conversations are preserved and communication remains clear and accurate. Establishing a single channel for communication and making sure all of your colleagues have access to it, you build collaboration into your process.

And what about Mr.Nutcase? Does collaboration help to set up the digital marketing process successfully? According to Danny Butler’s opinion, Kanbanchi has definitely helped in terms of teamwork as it is visible by everyone in the team and has improved the way in which tasks are handled and commented due to its level of transparency. Danny illustrates: “The way in which projects are addressed has become so much more efficient as you are able to actively drag and drop an item according to its status i.e. To do, doing, completed. This enables the whole team to see where we are and can give us a realistic time scale on when a project will be completed.”

Most of you when starting to use new tool highlight the most handy and beloved features that make your life and business easier and speed up the activities. Danny also describes one of his favorite features to add a progress bar to each of the tasks. “Due to the redesign of our website being a huge task, it’s useful for the team if the developer puts a progress bar by the task to let us know how far we’re away from completion. I think this is very effective in planning efficient marketing campaigns to tie in with the finished redesign. For example, the redesign should be done by Christmas so it gives us enough time to plan a campaign designed to drive traffic to the new website. Also, the ability to recent updates of work completed (see below) is very useful in project collaboration. It prevents people from doing the same task at the same time and is useful to see which task needs to be completed next.”



Well, you’ve learnt all about the key components of the effective digital marketing process that could breakthrough your business strategies. Now it’s your turn to apply the acquired knowledge using your personal approach and professionalism so that the most unchallenged goals could be reached.

And what are your key elements of successful digital marketing process? What tools do you use? Please share your feedback, and may be now, when your attention is grasped by kanban project management, it’s your turn to try Kanbanchi – simple, highly customisable, shareable tool –  in your digital marketing process, you’ll love it!

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