Congregation of Kanban – Lean Kanban Central Europe 2015


Kanban and Haggis? That’s right, from chef’s implementing Kanban to the government of Scotland, the reach continues to grow seeping into every industry. Two weeks from now hundreds of committed users and lovers of Lean Kanban will congregate to share, learn, and grow as a community.

Returning to Munich after four years on the road, the Lean Kanban Central Europe Conference provides a unique opportunity for people to meet like-minded productivity and process management gurus. From authors and professors to practitioners and entrepreneurs, the lineup of speakers is certain to entice you regardless of your background. Although the lineup of speakers is truly impressive, the other conference goers are an equally valuable trove of inspiration, best practices, and entertainment.

After a keynote opener about decision making in complex environments by Noreena Hartz, author of “Eyes Wide Open: How to Make Smart Decisions in a Confusing World”, participants self-select sessions based on their area of interest: Strategy, DevOps/Kanban for IT, or Kanban.

If you’re new to Lean and Kanban-based project management, there will be introductory sessions focused on best practices on implementing the basics. If you’re a longtime user, there will be in-depth talks on tracking metrics and the impact on predictability. There will be no shortage of stories from the trenches highlighting things that worked, things that were uneventful, as well as a few of those tragedies the speakers wish they could do over.

The conference has a tract specifically made for DevOps/Kanban for IT built specifically for those of you looking to immerse yourself in the depths of how some of the world’s best teams use Kanban to push out the tools that we know and love. If you’re looking to hear from the builders of Firefox and Postbox, the Agile Coach at Candy Crush or the Head of Global Support at Jimbo you will find them at the Lean Kanban Conference in Munich.

Implementing Kanban on a team is relatively easy and most engineers grasp the idea rather quickly and many come to know and love the simplicity and visual benefits of Kanban. However, imagine rolling out Kanban to an organization of thousands of employees across multiple locations? Spotify’s VP of Operations, Simon Marcus, will be on stage talking about implementation, change management, and organizational design with a special focus on rolling out Kanban and Lean strategies.

Listen in on how an Accredited Kanban Trainer implemented the tools with the Scottish government and how an organization not well known for being particularly nimble was able to see quick benefits. The conference has Kanban in the kitchen too.

Don’t worry the 2015 Lean Kanban Central Europe Conference in Munich on November 16 and 17th isn’t only about classroom learning. There will be plenty of opportunities for networking, swapping stories, and peer learning during the twelve breaks over the two days as well as the opening night social LKCE – Octoberfest! A few German lagers are certain to flow and get the cards moving from left to right with goals being reached, projects completed and conference goers heading home and energized.

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