productivity time tracker

Need to get Stuff Done? How a Productivity Time Tracker Can Help You

productivity time tracker

We all want to find a better way to get stuff done quickly and efficiently. You are responsible for the team completing their tasks on time and on budget. But things are not working out that way. What happened?  How can you best track employee productivity to bring the results that you would like to see on your projects?

Nobody likes to waste their time. Sometimes using a productivity time tracker can open your eyes on where a team’s time is really being spent. Combine using a productivity tracking software with some effective productivity techniques. When you do this, you will be well on your way to checking off tasks from your action item list.

Check out our list of tips with some suggested productivity tracking software.

Write Down Your Goals of the Day

Making the effort to write down your goals of the day will help you stay on track to complete work within a given deadline. RescueTime is a great tool to track your time and monitor the apps  that you use. It will help you hone in on those time wasters and where to put your focus to get your work done.

Prioritize and Delegate Tasks

The end results are what counts when tasks get done. Prioritize and ensure that the most important tasks or tasks that you and your teammates dread are done first. Dreaded tasks take longer because you and teammates just hate doing them. Get them out of the way. The remaining tasks will seem a lot easier to do.

How to track team productivity? Kanbanchi is a great online task management, project management and collaboration tool. It can simplify tracking employee’s time on projects by allowing you to enter it right into Kanbanchi. With its simple drag-and-drop interface, Kanbanchi can help you focus what’s important. This tool works in all the popular browsers, Google Calendar and Google Drive to facilitate collaborating with your team members.

Set Deadlines

Tasks leading up to set deadlines define a clear path for the tasks to get things done. Timely combines time tracking into your scheduling tool to keep things nice and tidy in one place. You can easily plan out your days and log your time simultaneously. Timely allows you to see who is working on what in your projects and if they have too much on their plate.

Pomodoro Technique

This technique is based on breaking a task into timed intervals with each interval followed by a short scheduled break. This technique is geared towards helping you to stay on top of your deadline and improving your work habits.

As part of a project team, it is required to track your time against specific tasks because your hours may be billable to the customer. Or you want to gather information on the cost of the project. This is when using a time tracking software becomes imperative to the project.

Toggl is a simple tracking tool that requires minimal setup. If you use Pomodoro extension for Toggl, you can take advantage of using the Pomodoro Technique in Toggl and enjoy all the Toggl features.


Some team members may think that they can multitask to be more productive. The reality is that they are not. We are wired to focus on one task at a time. When we switch tasks our mind is overloaded with information.

Now think about when you schedule tasks in your project. Each task has its own unique entry and allocated time to complete. Trying to ensure all time is captured in a project can be challenging. Choosing the best productivity timer will depend on your needs and what you would like to accomplish. It will help boost your productivity and your team to enable you to make key business decisions.

Kanbanchi can help you be more productive and get stuff done. Sign-up today and give it a try.

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