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Accelerating Project Delivery and Success with Modern Technology

For any project manager, the success of a campaign depends on the productivity and efficiency of their teams.
In recent years, we’ve been introduced to new technologies that have helped pave the way for advancements in how projects are delivered to clients and how project management departments operate. From automation to cloud-based services and improved project tracking, these modern advancements are helping drive acceleration and success in project delivery.

Workflow Automation

In our fast-paced, corporate world, businesses often struggle to devote enough time to big-picture thinking, as smaller, time-sensitive objectives tend to require a great deal of focus.

With the emergence of automation technology, teams can shift their focus to tasks that will have a more significant impact on the company than menial tasks that occupy an employee’s time. One study shows that approximately 45% of the functions that an employee currently performs could be automated in some capacity.

There is a common misconception that automation technology only involves the use of computers and robotics. However, various forms of automation can be implemented in many business structures. From programs that automate scheduling, to workflow trackers, there are a variety of administrative programs that can assist teams in better performing.

Overall, automating workflow can greatly improve the success of a project management department. With more robust processes in place, systems will flow better, creating an optimal workflow where project delivery is accelerated. 

Innovative Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is a rapidly evolving field that paves the way for modern companies to expand their business processes fully. The introduction of this technology, such as cloud-based enterprise resource planning, helps teams plan against forecasted data, allocate resources, and perform other essential tasks. Having these capabilities offered within the cloud gives project managers access to these tools whenever they need it.

Other programs, such as Kanbanchi, connected with G-suite, offer tools such as task management, project planning, time-tracking, and reporting, which can help drive the project’s success to completion. 

A well-rounded cloud strategy can assist teams with uploading and working off of databases stored within the cloud to offer data security and unlimited storage potential. Having these benefits are vital to modern organizations who work with large-scale, confidential data sets. 

Improved Communication Tools

Project managers must stay connected to their teams to ensure the success of client deliverables. Without effective communication, team members risk falling behind, becoming misinformed, or being entirely left out of meaningful conversations.

By utilizing modern communication tools such as Slack, Zoom, and Atlassian, teams can stay more engaged than ever. This can be particularly useful for staying connected with remote team members who may require more considerable team communication efforts to stay well-informed on project plans.

Whether you want to send a quick message to your team, host a video conference, or post a team communication update, these tools can help your organization achieve all of its objectives. 

Although internet technology has become an increasingly popular method of accelerating project delivery, it’s still essential to conduct research to uncover which tools will be most effective for your team. 

Rely on case studies from other companies in similar industries as your organization to see how their tech-upgrades have helped increase their operational efficiency or review the success stories of Kanbanchi users.

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