Task Board vs Kanban. Is it all about WIP?

As an ordinary person, you may get lost in terms sometimes. Task board vs Kanban, Scrum board vs Kanban board, what it all means and can you use the terms interchangeably? Let’s take it one step at a time.


The Kanban methodology was invented by Toyota company in the 1940s. Later it was widely spread around the world and got strongly associated with the development process. Kanban is a process management and improvement method based on the visualization of work stages.

Traditionally, the Kanban approach is the pull approach. Having the stages of the development process, items are taken to the next stages according to the stage capacity, i.e. pulled to the next stage from the previous one.


Scrum at its core is opposite to Kanban because it is a push methodology. It is a development framework that is based on limited time frames called sprints. During one sprint a team should perform a scope of tasks that they plan at the beginning of this sprint. Visually it may be represented the same way as Kanban but in the Kanban method, you are driven by the capacity of each stage and you make sure that each stage is working according to its capacity. Scrum came out of more Western civilization and it’s all about pushing the tasks to completion.

Kanban board vs Scrum board

There’s one curious Reddit thread that may illustrate what you think about the difference. Like, is there any difference? Most of the teams using the Scrum approach call their boards Kanban boards. After all, they may even not name they are following the Scrum method.

Is this a Kanban board or Scrum board?

Board with tasks in Kanbanchi. Will you call it a Kanban or a Scrum board?

Using universal tools helps to adjust your teamwork processes and when necessary, combine the two approaches to take the beneficial parts while throwing away the approaches that won’t go with your team.

Pros and cons of using Kanban and Scrum boards

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Wait! And what is a task board?

Both Kanban and Scrum boards may be called taskboards. They have tasks that one team is doing. Your team may choose a task board that will fit your structure and corporate culture, the board that will help you achieve your goals.

Kanbanchi is a kanban-inspired taskboard that can support Scrum methodology as well. No matter if you imply WIP limits or not, Kanbanchi boards will become a great tool for your team. Start with a free trial or a pilot for the whole company to check all the capabilities of the app.

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