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What Is Kanbanchi?

Kanbanchi is a visual collaboration and task management tool designed to give you and your team more control over its project processes. Kanbanchi is built specifically for the Google Workspace environment, meaning that everything you need to get started can be accessed via Google accounts. The app allows you to create tasks and assign them to individuals while attaching documents, spreadsheets, and more. And in this article, I will tell you more about what is Kanbanchi and why is it the perfect tool for teams.

What Exactly Is Kanbanchi?

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The Kanbanchi is software designed to help teams share and track multiple projects and tasks from one place. It will help you organize all of your ongoing tasks and projects. An easy-to-use interface helps you create, assign, schedule, and communicate about all of your shared work in one tool.

The Kanbanchi is an ideal tool that both big organizations and small teams. They can use it to manage and create projects, schedule work for teammates, specify deadlines for each task, communicate about the tasks with one another, share files between teammates, get instant updates on task progress using charts and summaries view of completed tasks. Therefore, with reporting tools, Kanbanchi helps improve team collaboration and work management.

Kanbanchi complements Google Workspace apps and is integrated into Google’s infrastructure. In order to use Kanbanchi you only need to sign up using your Google account. You will be able to save and manipulate your boards as files in Google Drive. In addition, Google integration allows you to give flexible access permissions to your colleagues. Moreover, you can create events in your Google Calendar, attach Google docs, sheets to the cards, and much more.

What Is Kanbanchi Used For?

Coordinating Remote Work 

Kanbanchi empowers remote teams to plan projects, coordinate work from anywhere and hit their goals. It is a simple way to connect and keep on top of your tasks. In other words, the app allows you to manage your tasks from wherever you are just by having an internet connection. Kanbanchi also provides you with all the tools to collaborate from anywhere with your team. So you can work together, plan projects, and manage the process. 

Project management

Built for teams in need of a simple and automated project management tool, Kanbanchi can help you manage and track projects in a single tool and align your stakeholders to achieve your goals. Kanbanchi project management app helps you communicate with your team and manage your projects from start to finish, enabling you to create a centralized resource for all your future projects.

Agile Management

The Kanbanchi is a lightweight agile management tool that helps you lead and deliver with agility. The app allows you to manage your agile development process in a simple and flexible way. It makes managing your agile projects simple and efficient. Moreover, Kanbanchi helps you to clearly communicate requirements, manage scope, track progress, collaborate in real-time with team members from remote locations, and much more. 

What Are Kanbanchi’s Best Features?

Kanban Board

The Kanban board – a powerful tool for efficient project management. Tasks are on the lists and on a board for a clear picture of your project. Cards are on the board and grouped into columns per their statuses: in progress or completed.  You are able to share your board to collaborate with other team members and work together on tasks in real-time. Implementing a Kanban board is an easy and effective way to improve your workflow. Use it with your team and items like projects, user stories, tasks, and bugs.

Gantt Chart

The Gantt chart is an extension of Kanbanchi to convert the existing board into this view. You will be able to see task relations in time and will understand the chronology of your projects. Adjusting the schedules is very easy on the Gantt chart – just drag the edge of the bar. All the changes that you make on the Gantt chart will be reflected on the Kanban board. 


The Kanbanchi analytics platform helps you get fast access to your team’s analytics reports at any time. These built-in reports include the most popular charts, the cumulative flow diagram, performance chart, time in process report, and more. Analytics are crucial to productivity. Make sure to check your progress regularly.

How To Get Kanbanchi

Kanbanchi offers 3 paid plans and a free version that includes all the advanced features of the app. The only limit is 10 cards per board. The Premium plan starts from $13.97 per user per month. It includes features like unlimited projects and templates, dependent, related, and sub-cards,  email, mobile & in-app notifications, export/import, and backups. The Professional plan starts from $33.97 per user per month. This plan includes all the previous features from the Premium plan and adds up a Gantt chart, Time Tracker, extensive reporting, and custom branding. And the Enterprise plan starts from $99.95 per user per month. This plan also includes all the previous features and has more cool stuff like designated account manager, onboarding assistance, online & onsite training, custom features, custom integrations with your existing software. Moreover, Kanbanchi offers a 50% discount to educational institutions and non-profits.

Once you sign up, you are getting a free trial that includes all the Enterprise features. Try it now and see how Kanbanchi will help you with managing your workflow.

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