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What is team collaboration software?

The way that we work together has changed drastically in recent years, meaning that team collaboration software is now a far more important issue than ever before. In what ways can the correct approach to teamwork and collaboration help your company to achieve better results? 

The Main Reasons for Encouraging Collaboration in Your Team

There are plenty of different ways in which finding a better way of collaborating can allow your team to reach its full potential. The first area in which you should notice a difference is in the efficiency of the team.

The search for greater levels of efficiency has been part of the business world since the Industrial Revolution and good levels of collaboration can help this. It will become second nature for people to share information and work together. They can all see the big picture and don’t repeat the same tasks or miss out on learning key information that others possess.

This also has an effect on the problem-solving ability of your team. They can look for new solutions between them, as it could be that someone has the key to solving a problem for a colleague. Without good team collaboration software and practices, they might never realise the benefits of speaking to each other.     

The right choice of software for collaborating also gives everyone the incentive to explore new channels of communication. Weekly team meetings and email updates can quickly lose their shine and become repetitive. Team members lose interest and don’t get a lot of benefit from them.

By looking at the new ways of working together using team collaboration software, you will discover that this is a more natural approach that can be adapted to your team’s needs. They can share information more quickly and in a way that it gets to the right people instantly.

What Are the Benefits for Staff?

We have seen that collaborating more smartly brings benefits for the company in terms of areas like great efficiency and better communication, but what can it can mean for the people who work there? How can collaborating more effectively increase their happiness with their role and make them feel good about what they do?

One of the positive outcomes of using team collaboration software is that it brings people together. They will be able to understand the whole project and where they fit into it. It is also likely that they start to appreciate their colleagues more. They can see how everything is closely linked and how everyone helps one another to do a great job.

We could look at the example of someone who works from home and never normally meets their colleagues physically. It would be easy for them to feel disconnected from the job. But by collaborating more closely with the rest of the team, they are likely to feel more pride in what they do.  

Working as part of a team

Stanford psychological scientists carried out a series of experiments whose results showed that working as part of a team makes us feel more motivated and also increases our interest levels in the tasks. This is a crucial area in the modern world where remote workers can struggle to raise their motivation levels. 

All of this leads us to the question of whether a solid team collaboration approach can increase retention rates and satisfaction levels in a company. Surveys show that meaningfulness is typically ranked as the number one priority in keeping workers happy. No one wants to feel that they are wasting their time. When they do something that makes no sense and doesn’t really affect anything.

When someone can see where their daily tasks fit into the company’s overall plans and how they can interact with colleagues, this is a great way of boosting their perception of the meaningfulness of their job. It makes it a tactic that should make them feel useful and valued. 

On the other hand, someone who works alone could become dissatisfied and disengaged more easily. This can lead to their productivity levels dropping before they finally leave the job to look for something more satisfying and fulfilling. By encouraging them to collaborate more closely with others, you could solve this issue quite simply and lower your staff turnover rate.

Which Team Collaboration Tools Are Worth Checking Out

The next step is to find out the best team collaboration software that will allow you to obtain the benefits we have looked at. What tools can you integrate smoothly to increase your existing levels of collaboration and teamwork? One simple approach is to use the Google suite of tools that now goes by the name of Google Workspace.

This is an intuitive set of tools that you can use to write and share documents. Also, you make calls to your colleagues. Most people find it easy to get to grips with this tool. It is set up intuitively and everything ties in neatly so that you don’t need to leave it to carry out different tasks.

Kanbanchi is another excellent option. This fills in the gaps found in Workspace, where there is no dedicated project management tool to help you to assign and track tasks. Kanbanchi is integrated into Workspace. So, you can make sure that all of your tasks are correctly assigned and on track all the way through.

As with Google Workspace, it is easy to pick up Kanbanchi with no steep learning curve for newcomers to get over. This sort of team collaboration tool is ideal for getting new team members. They settle in and feel as though they are an important part of the team early on.    


By encouraging the team to use the right kind of team collaboration software, you will help set them on the way to great results. It can be achieved faster and with less stress in this way.

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