What is the best team collaboration software?

Productive teamwork always goes hand in hand with synergy. The teams that work as a single entity demonstrate higher results and achieve goals easier.  The best team collaboration software helps people stay on the same page and cooperate successfully.

What are the best collaboration tools for teamwork?

The question “How can collaboration tools help me?” might naturally arise. Certainly, it might be hard to gather a dream team. Actually, companies often don’t have enough time and resources for that. As a result, collaborators might not be on the same wavelength. However, they still have to gel with each other. The right collaborative software helps to fasten and ease this not always a pleasant process.

To make the right choice it is important to keep in mind the requirements the best collaboration tool needs to comply with. In other words, the tool should have collaboration as the core aspect. As a result, the decision-maker should pay special attention to the following checklist:

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface;
  • Real-time changes and indicators for users who are present in the app;
  • Ability to allocate tasks and monitor the workload of team members;
  • Effortless integrations with email, scheduling and file storage services;
  • Configurable in-app or email notifications;
  • Activity log and backups.

What are examples of collaboration software?

Kanbanchi users are sure that it is the best team collaboration software. Well, it is no wonder.



Firstly, Kanbanchi is easy to use and even non-tech heads quickly get onboard. Secondly, the tool contains essential collaborative features. For instance, all the changes are reflected in real-time. It is obvious who exactly is collaborating on the board right now and on which specific task. The team workload monitoring tool of Kanbanchi helps to distribute tasks smartly. While reports help the team evaluate the results. Above all, it is integrated with Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive which makes Kanbanchi a perfect solution for teams on Google Workspace.

Try Kanbanchi with your team and see how it will boost team productivity.

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