Can I create card from email?

You can create new cards on your dashboards by email.

First, decide what dashboard you want to send cards to by email. Open it and go to Dashboard settings on the top panel. Once there, in the section “Dashboard email” copy the email address associated with this particular dashboard. It’s a unique email address for your account, so when you create cards by email, they appear on the dashboard as created by you. Keep it secret and don’t share it with others!

Now go to your email client and add a new contact to your address book using the email address of the dashboard. When you send a message to it, a new card will be created with card title being the subject of your message, and card description – the body of your message. Also you may add tags to the card placing tag names in the square brackets in the subject of the message and attach files to the message. 

When done, refresh your Kanbanchi dashboard and look at the created cards. They will be tagged “from email”.

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