Does Google Drive have a Dashboard?

More and more people and companies became Google Workspace users. It is not at all surprising. Google Workspace provides its clients with a mass of various products. Gmail, Google Drive, Docs and Sheets are the most popular and notable. Most users actively use mail and add more and more new files: Sheets, Docs and pictures to their personal Google Drives, as well as different Shared Drives. Sooner or later, everyone is faced with the problem of finding and organizing documents on the Drives. And the question “Does Google Drive have a Dashboard?” arises.

Unfortunately, Google does not have a Google Drive Dashboard yet. When there is no obvious solution, a person always tries to find a workaround. We suggest one with Kanbanchi. Kanbanchi is a modern project management tool fully integrated with Google Workspace and its features. Google Drive is just one of such features. All Kanbanchi cards can have any Google files as attached. To minimize the search and simplify the work with documents on your Google Drives, we advise you to maximize the use of the Attachments function in Kanbanchi. You can also add hyperlinks in the Descriptions and Comments sections. The following formatting [Text to be shown]( “Mouseover text”)¬† will help you make the links neat.

Start using Kanbanchi and organize not only your daily routine but your document flow as well.

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