Does Google have a Kanban board?

The Google Workspace is a suite of tools that offers many different elements to help teams to collaborate more effectively. It includes the likes of Calendar, Drive, and Gmail, as well as word processing and spreadsheet options, but one thing it lacks is a Google Kanban board.

The number of online searches for this term makes it clear that users require one. Ideally, this tool should fully integrate with the rest of the suite, so that users don’t need to leave the ecosystem to manage their workflow more effectively.    

This means that many Workspace users currently use workarounds to track their workflow using some sort of Kanban tool. They either need to leave the suite to use an external tool, or else they may decide to use the Google tools in alternative ways, to try and create a manual process similar to what they need.   

Kanbanchi: The Integrated Kanban Board for Workspace

Thankfully, there is a good choice you can make to use a Kanban board with Workspace. Your team is able to choose from a wide variety of apps that can be connected to Workspace. However, few of them give the seamless approach allowed by Kanbanchi. Built using the Google Cloud Platform, this is the closest you will find to a Google Kanban board. 

google kanban board

It’s the ideal way to add the Kanban methodology. Especially, it happens without losing out on any of the benefits offered by Google Workspace.

If you’d like to learn more about Kanbanchi as a google kanban board, please, read this article – What is Kanbanchi? – or sign up to start with a free trial right now.

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