What is Kanbanchi?

Kanbanchi for G Suite is the online project management software with Kanban Board, Gantt Chart, and Time Tracker. Kanbanchi needs no installation because you can access it in your browser. It is also widely used for team collaboration and task management because it provides a platform that all team members can access at one time. Kanbanchi complements G Suite apps and is integrated into Google’s infrastructure.

Kanbanchi is built specifically for G Suite. You sign up with a Google account, manipulate your project boards as files in Google Drive, give flexible access permissions, create events in your Google Calendar, attach Google docs, sheets, and forms to your boards, and more.

Manage tasks on Kanban Board

Kanban board is a powerful tool that is widely used for project management. It’s extremely popular among teams using agile and scrum methodologies in their workflow. Cards grouped into lists and placed on one board can give a clear picture of your project. The ability to share boards with your colleagues within your corporate Google Drive provides you with an easy and fast way to collaborate. Just set up a board for your project, share it, and collaborate on tasks in real-time.

Plan projects on Gantt Chart

All Kanban boards in Kanbanchi may be converted to a Gantt chart in one click. You will see task relations in time and will understand the chronology of your projects. Adjusting the sсhedules is very easy on the Gantt chart. Just drag the edge of the bar. All the changes that you make on the Gantt chart will be reflected on the Kanban board.

Check your team performance with Reports

Kanbanchi has a collection of built-in reports that may be created based on your boar data. The collection includes the most popular charts, like the burn-up/burn-down chart, the cumulative flow diagram, performance chart, and more. It helps you to monitor your team’s progress and make changes to your work processes if necessary. Analytics is the key to productivity, so it’s crucial to check your progress regularly.

Enterprise-ready features

Companies using corporate G Suite have a great benefit from a domain installation of Kanbanchi. It provides a smooth adoption of the app in the whole organization. All users within the domain will get access to the application and therefore may start collaborating whenever they need. Being built on the Google Cloud Platform, Kanbanchi offers the highest security level. It meets rigorous privacy and compliance standards that guarantee your data is safe.

If you would like to learn more about Kanbanchi as an enterprise app, download a presentation – or start a free trial right now.

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