Does Google have a project management tool?

The number of Google Workspace users grows continuously around the globe. It’s inevitable that there is a question about a project management tool within a corporate suite. Huge companies switch to Google Workspace and ask this question: “Does Google have a project management tool?”. Under this, they mean that they need an app that works in cohesion with their Workspace. Kanbanchi provides such a tool for project management and collaboration. It works within Google Drive in close integration with Google Workspace.

Google Workspace is one of the most well-known and powerful office tools. Of course, US companies continue leading among those using it, but other countries also pay attention to it. However, it still lacks a dedicated tool to manage projects in one place. Google project management tool, google collaboration tool and similar terms are among leading requests for Google search. What are people searching for? What do people expect to see in the results of their search? We bet they need an easy-to-use app with a Googlish interface and familiar layout.

Why Kanbanchi?

Kanbanchi in its simplest form is an online Kanban board that works within Google Drive. Common interface and integration with Google Workspace make it an easy-to-start application. At the same time, Kanbanchi is great for more advanced users. It has Gantt chart synchronized with a Kanban board, Archive, Reports, Time tracker, etc. Kanbanchi is designed for domain usage across the company. It’s flexible and may cover the needs of absolutely different departments. It’s not narrowed for a particular usage pattern, the workflow you invent with Kanbanchi depends totally on your imagination.

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